Dear visitor, I welcome you at the website of Arini.

My name is Giorgos D. Dalianis and I am the author and administrator of the website, which constitutes a personal creation and use. It is about an idea that was born in the middle of the year 2010 and started to be materialized at a slow pace from early 2011 and on the 17th of May of the same year assumed officially a clear form.

The present website aims at making known the history, the beautiful places, the activities, the moral conventions of Arini, locations and sights that remained in oblivion and there came the time for them to gain a reputation so as not to be lost from the memory of the older and to be able to be passed to the younger.

Through this webpage, we are provided with the ability to learn the news concerning the village, regardless of the place of the planet we are. And all these, with the assistance of the Cultural Club of Arini “I ARINI”, which contributes to this attempt providing me with the ability to upload the newspaper “Arinaika Nea [News from Arini)” in electronic form.

In addition, I would like to thank the Cultural Club of Arini for the grant of the texts from the books of Mr. Athanasios D. Bitsanis “The Ancient Arini (Its History)” published in 1962 and “Arini (former Tsorvatzi) Today” published in 1995.

As a visitor, you will be able to know the village from one side to the other, to walk on the alleys and paths via the photographic material, to be informed of the current news of the village, to learn about the moral conventions, the great history it has, as well as to be acquainted with the pride of the village, the fascinating and exquisite Gorge of Arini, in which the youths of the village were getting their feet wet in swimming.

I request in advance that you are tolerant with any unavoidable defects or omissions. If you are from Arini or have any relation to the village and know about things that will contribute to the recording of the tradition and you wish to contribute to this effort for its preservation, you are welcomed to help by setting out any data, stories, photos as well as tales, with the only purpose of their uploading. Furthermore, do not hesitate to communicate with me for your remarks, which will help in the improvement of the webpage.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the time you spent in order to read the salutation and wish you to have a nice tour in beautiful Arini.

Kind regards,
Giorgos D. Dalianis